Automate your FIN 48 Interest Accrual Calculations in Excel

Incorporate the Interest Calculations of TaxInterest™ IRS/State Interest and Penalty Software into your FIN 48 Excel® Spreadsheet

TimeValue Software™ TaxInterest FIN 48™ Excel add-in can help automate your quarterly UTPs (Uncertain Tax Positions) interest calculations. TaxInterest FIN 48 Excel add-in is the corporate choice for managing these calculations accurately and efficiently.

If you manage your FIN 48 positions in Excel and calculate interest accruals manually or with TaxInterest software, you know how time consuming that can be. Your time spent on interest calculations alone may amount to hours or even days each and every quarter. With the TaxInterest FIN 48 Excel add-in, you can now reduce that time to mere minutes, whether you have tens or hundreds of UTPs.

The TaxInterest FIN 48 Excel add-in incorporates interest and penalty calculations directly into your spreadsheet in seconds. You no longer have to perform an interest calculation for each jurisdiction separately and transfer the figures to your spreadsheet. You get the time-tested interest and penalty calculations of TaxInterest software in a fraction of the time without the chance of errors from a multi-step process. The TaxInterest FIN 48 Excel add-in also creates an electronic file of all of your reports at once.

Streamline your current time-consuming interest calculation process into a single operation within your spreadsheet before your next quarter close. Ask to see a demonstration of the TaxInterest FIN 48 Excel add-in today!

Streamline Your FIN 48 Interest Reporting Process

With the TaxInterest FIN 48 Excel add-in incorporated into your FIN 48 spreadsheet, you can:

  • Calculate the interest amounts on all UTPs in your spreadsheet in one touch
  • Reduce interest calculation time from hours or days to minutes
  • Retain the accuracy of the TaxInterest software calculations
  • Eliminate spreadsheet input errors
  • Calculate the interest on all federal, state and/or international UTPs at one time
  • Provide an audit trail with detailed reports that are created and stored electronically
  • Implement with no programming skills needed

Easy to Integrate into Your Spreadsheet

Even if you have never worked with Excel add-ins before, adding the functions of the TaxInterest FIN 48 Excel add-in into your spreadsheet is surprisingly simple. Many customers choose to insert interest calculation functions in the cell where they previously typed in the figures after calculating them separately with TaxInterest software or whatever solution you use. The steps and time saved are substantial. The TaxInterest FIN 48 Add-in also includes some sample spreadsheets that you may choose to customize and use as your own.

Trusted results from the leader in interest and penalty calculations

Since 1986, TaxInterest IRS/state interest and penalty software has been the professional standard for calculating interest and penalties with unmatched accuracy. It is relied upon both by the IRS and tax professionals nationwide. The TaxInterest FIN 48 Excel add-in is a simple way to seamlessly integrate the calculation power of TaxInterest software directly into your spreadsheet.

Simple and Easy to Use

The simplified spreadsheet below shows twelve positions. Each position has a different rate table selected and a specific start date for the interest calculation. All interest accrual cells are calculated and updated automatically when you change the Calculate Through date. (Your spreadsheet may differ in content but the functionally won’t.)

FIN 48 Example


Interest Rates Updated Automatically!

The rates and methods for interest calculations are built-in to the TaxInterest FIN 48 Excel add-in. These rates are updated regularly by automatically referencing updated rates on secure TimeValue Software servers to ensure that the TaxInterest FIN 48 Excel add-in is always up to date.

International Jurisdictions!

The TaxInterest FIN 48 Add-in includes all Federal and State interest rate calculations as well as international rates for many other countries including Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, and Brazil. You can also use rate tables that you have created yourself in TaxInterest software.

Schedule a Demonstration Today!

To learn more about the TaxInterest FIN 48 Excel add-in or to setup a quick 15 minute GoToMeeting demonstration and see how you can automate your FIN 48 interest calculations. Contact Marty Pellerin at 1-949-727-1800 or 1-800-426-4741 (within USA) Extension 221 or


Licensing Policy

Single user license $ 500
TaxInterest FIN 48 Excel add-in annual license*

*Annual license renewal is billed one year after the initial purchase and includes quarterly updates and unlimited product support.


Schedule a 15 minute demonstration and see how you can automate your FIN 48 interest calculations.


Contact: Marty Pellerin
1-949-727-1800 or 1-800-426-4741(within USA) x221