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Can TValue 6 be installed on Citrix or Terminal Services?

Version 6.02 and beyond is fully compatible with both Citrix, XenApp and XenDesktop, and with Terminal Services. You can either use the EXE file or the MSI file for installation. If you use the MSI file, make sure you follow the instructions and include the prerequisites.

What are the short cuts in TValue 6?

We have many handy and easy to use short cuts in TValue 6 that will make your input easier.

        Date – You can put in 6 Characters (010118) and the program will put in the dashes and year for you.

        Date Adjustment – When you are on the date field, you can move the date forward with D for Day, M for Month, Y for Year, C for Century or you can move the date backwards using shift and (D, M, Y, or C). Very handy for handling irregular days.

        Calendar – When you are on a date field, you can click on the calendar and it will show you the Month, and you can click on the Month and it will show you 12 Months, and you can click on the Year and it will show you 12 Years. From there, you can pick your day and the program will add it to your schedule. Once again great for irregular payments.

        Amount – When you are putting in an amount, you can use these short cuts to put in the 000s. You can use K for thousands, H for hundred thousand, M for millions and B for billions. (e.g. 500K becomes 500,000 or 1.2B becomes 1,200,000).

        Term – For the term, you can put in the number of years and the letter Y (i.e. 12Y) and the program will calculate the number of months for you (i.e. 144).

        Function Keys – You can use the F1 key for the Help menu, you can use the F4 key for the Amortization Schedule, you can use the F6 key to bring up the Configuration dialog box to change the computation methods, and you can use the F9 to compute.

        Loan Details – When you are in the Loan Details, you can click on the calendar and it will let you know the number of days to the 1st for the prepaid interest calculation. For the Points, you can input the points and it will give you the amount or you can input the amount and it will give you the points.

These are the helpful short cuts within TValue 6 that can make your inputs quick and easy.

Exporting to Excel or CSV in TValue 6

In TValue 6, the export to Excel is now nicely formatted so you can send it to a non TValue user or you can customize. If you want to get more creative with the Excel schedule and you don't want the formatting, you can export to CSV. In CSV, you can customize the schedule as needed and then save as an .xlsx worksheet. You have two options to export TValue schedules to work with. 

Will TValue 6 run on any Windows operating system?

TValue 6 will run on any recent Windows operating systems including 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. If you have an XP or Vista operating system, we still have TValue 5 available that will run on either system. Just call our office at 800-426-4741 or 949-727-1800 and ask for TValue 5.

Can I use TValue 6 on my iPad or Mac? How about my Android phone?

TValue 6 is a Windows desktop edition of TValue. TValue Online is a cloud based edition of TValue that you can use on any device that accesses the Internet including a Mac or iPad, a PC, tablet, Surface, or Android phone.

Can I open my TValue 5 schedules in TValue 6?

Yes, you can. You can open all of your TValue 5 and even TValue 4 schedules in TValue 6 and you also get all of the new capabilities of TValue 6. Once you open your TValue 5 file in TValue 6, you will want to save your file as a TValue 6 file. 

Does TValue 6 do the same calculations as TValue version 5?

Yes and more. TValue 6 does all the calculations that TValue 5 does and now it also does the 30/360 calculation.