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The TValue family of solutions

TValue 6
The next generation of our desktop edition
TValue Online
Cloud-based edition for all web-enabled devices
TValue Engine
Software Development Kit (SDK) or REST API
TValue Direct for Salesforce
Integrates TValue calculations into Salesforce

Let TValue amortization software expand your financial calculation capabilities!

The most capable and trusted financial calculation solution since 1984.

Calculate any unknown

Flexibility for nearly any calculation

  • Present or future value
  • Loan or payment amount
  • Deposits or withdrawals
  • Interest rate
  • Number of payments
  • Remaining balance
  • Down payment
  • Weighted unknowns
  • Balloon payment
  • APR – Truth in Lending (Reg. Z) disclosures
  • Discounted value
  • Forbearance
Account for any type of payment

Handle irregular loan or investment activity with ease

  • Rate changes
  • Irregular payments
  • Interest only
  • Fixed principal plus interest
  • Skip payments
  • Amount step
  • Percent step
  • Balloon payments
  • Principal first/only (lump sum pay downs)
Select any compound period

Structure your calculation with any compounding or computation interval frequency

  • Exact days
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Half-month
  • Four-week
  • Monthly
  • Two-month
  • Four-month
  • Quarterly
  • Semiannual
  • Annual
  • Continuous
Computation options

Compound or simple interest and more

  • Normal amortization (compound interest)
  • U.S. Rule (simple interest)
  • Rule of 78
  • Canadian amortization
  • Year length (360, 364, or 365 days per year)
  • 30/360
Custom reports

The most widely used amortization schedules in the world

  • Document irregular payments, balloons, and rate changes
  • Select any level of detail from summary to full schedule
  • Add APR Truth-In-Lending disclosures
  • Insert optional headers and footers
  • View totals at selected intervals by calendar or fiscal year-end
  • Print a limited date range
  • Export amortization schedules to Microsoft Excel and Word, and to PDF, CSV, and XML with one-click

Benefits of TValue versus Excel

Error free calculations

TValue software calculations are based on embedded algorithms, not writing formulas. If the amounts and dates are right, you know that the calculations will be correct.

Flexibility for irregular payments

There is practically no limitation to the frequency, type, or amount of payments.

Quick “what if” calculations

You can quickly and easily do multiple “what if” scenarios in minutes and find the best solution. You can solve for either the interest rate, the payment, the loan amount, or the term.

Simple to complex calculations

From a simple loan payment to a present value of an intricate series of irregular cash flows, the calculation logic is built into the program.

Detailed amortization schedules

Professional, auditable schedules considered the standard in the industry.

Unlimited customer support

With the TValue Maintenance program, learn how to get the most from your TValue software from our "best in the business" professional support staff.

Which TValue is right for you?

The next generation of TValue reaches even higher levels of usefulness and flexibility. No matter how
simple or how complex your calculation, TValue lets you explore new levels of capability and ease-of-use.
You'll be challenged to find a calculation it can't handle!

Let TValue amortization software expand your financial calculation capabilities!

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TValue Programs


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Frequently asked questions

Can I use TValue on my Mac?

If you have access to the Internet, you can use TValue Online on your Mac or your iPad.

Will I be able to navigate easily with TValue 6 or TValue Online?

Both the new versions of TValue will have the familiar flow to the interface. Cash Flow events are used to input your dates and amounts and typing “U” will designate the unknown variable. The amortization schedules are even more professional looking.

TValue Products

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