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Substantially Reduce Failure To Deposit Penalties

One in three businesses pays a penalty each year for not making their deposits on time. The shocking
fact is that taxpayers are being significantly overcharged by the IRS. PayrollPenalty Failure To Deposit (FTD)
penalty abatement software can help you substantially reduce the penalty.


Instantly Reduce the IRS Failure To Deposit Penalty

  • PayrollPenalty uses up to 250 alternative methods of allocating deposits to give you the lowest possible penalty
  • You or your client will pay the minimum amount required for their federal tax deposit penalty
  • Calculations have a 100% acceptance by the IRS – not reasonable cause
  • For 940, 941, 943, and 945 filings
  • Potential savings for you or your clients can be anywhere from 20% to 66%

IRS Relief Provisions Let TaxPayers Pay Less

  • One in three businesses each year paid a penalty for not making their deposits on time
  • The IRS uses only one method to calculate the penalties for Failure To Deposit and it is not in the taxpayer’s best interest
  • Revenue Procedures 99-10 and 2001-58 allow use of other calculation methods that are far more beneficial to the taxpayer
  • Best of all, any client qualifies for this relief; there is no need to show reasonable cause

Calculate The Lowest Penalty Instantly From Anywhere!

  • PayrollPenalty is a web-based service. You simply log in and enter the liabilities and deposits and PayrollPenalty instantly shows you the recalculated amount and how much you will save
  • PayrollPenalty generates all of the documentation the IRS needs to process the recalculation including a special IRS formatted report along with a penalty abatement letter

The  Results Speak For Themselves

  • The average penalty savings are typically 20% to 66%
  • IRS acceptance is 100%. It’s the law
  • Thousands of customers have saved hundreds of millions of dollars. Yes, hundreds of millions of dollars

Explore PayrollPenalty

The PayrollPenalty interface makes your task simple, just a few easy steps. Input your liabilities and your
deposits and PayrollPenalty will do the rest and calculate the lowest possible penalty.
Simple as 1-2-3, with Guaranteed Acceptance.

PayrollPenalty Leads You Through The Steps To Abate Your Penalty!

Pick IRS Form

Pick IRS Form

Choose the quarter and year from the list of IRS forms to start the process.

Enter Liabilities and Deposits

Enter Liabilities and Deposits

Just enter your liabilities from your IRS form and your deposits from your Notice. It is that easy.

View your Results and Send

View your Results and Send

Complete your sample IRS letter, mail your detailed IRS approved reports, and wait for your abatement.

Watch a Short Video on the Capabilities of PayrollPenalty Software


$99 annual subscription
(PayrollPenalty is an annual subscription and includes updates and unlimited support for one year. The subscription renewal is billed one year after purchase at $99 per user.)
*If you are also dealing with interest and penalties on your IRS payroll taxes and need to reconcile them, contact a TimeValue Software customer support representative or consider Tax941 IRS payroll tax interest, penalty and forms software.

All TimeValue Software products come with a one year money-back guarantee, so your purchase is risk free.

Frequently asked questions

Does the IRS have to accept the deposit reallocation?

Yes, they do. It is the law. PayrollPenalty’s payment allocation methodology complies with all legislative and regulatory rules. It reduces penalties by using a pro-taxpayer strategy for designating how deposits should be applied. The authority for designating deposits is found in the 1998 IRS Reform and Restructuring bill.

Do I have to have to make deposits?

Yes. The program reallocates the deposits that were made so you must have deposits to do so and you must have more than one deposit to reallocate. 

Should I pay the balance on the IRS Notice before filing the deposit reallocation with PayrollPenalty?

We have talked to numerous IRS agents and they highly recommend paying the amount due and then filing for the deposit reallocation to abate the Failure To Deposit penalty. The reason is once it is approved, you will get refunded the difference. If it goes to collection, it could get ugly and would be harder to stop.

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All TimeValue Software products come with a one year money-back guarantee, so your purchase is risk free.

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