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What are the short cuts in TValue Online?

We have many handy and easy to use short cuts in TValue Online that will make your input easier.

        Date – You can put in 6 Characters (010118) and the program will put in the dashes and year for you.

        Date Adjustment – When you are on the date field, you can move the date forward with D for Day, M for Month, Y for Year or you can move the date backwards using shift and (D, M, or Y). Very handy for handling irregular days.

        Amount – When you are putting in an amount, you can use these short cuts to put in the 000s. You can use K for thousands, H for hundred thousand, M for millions and B for billions. (e.g. 500K becomes 500,000 or 1.2B becomes 1,200,000).

        Term – For the term, you can put in the number of years and the letter Y (i.e. 12Y) and the program will calculate the number of months for you (i.e. 144).

        Loan Details – For the Points, you can input the points and it will give you the amount or you can input the amount and it will give you the points.

These are the helpful short cuts within TValue Online that can make your inputs quick and easy.

Can I use TValue Online on my Mac, iPad, or smartphone?

With your TValue Online subscription, you can access TValue from any connected device including Apple products iPhones, iPads, and Macs and Android and Windows based tablets, smartphones, and computers. Perfect for any device that accesses the Internet .

Can I print PDFs of my amortization schedules from TValue Online?

Yes you can, however, each browser handles the creation and printing of PDFs in their own fashion so the commands may be slightly different. We recommend that you use the browser settings to determine where the files will be saved. 

Can I save files locally or do they have to be in the cloud?

You have the flexibility to save locally or in the cloud with TValue Online. You can even disable cloud access so all files are saved to the local location of your choice.