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Business Continuity and Customer Support at TimeValue Software during COVID-19

By Charles Miller

As has been similarly communicated by other leading firms during this extraordinary time of COVID-19, we wanted to let you know that TimeValue Software has comprehensive plans in place to ensure the continuity and uptime of our products, and resiliency and availability of our operations.

Many of you currently rely on TimeValue Software products daily in your business and may be seeking reassurance that our products and services will be available throughout this period of disruption. Others may be looking at TimeValue Software products as potential solutions for your business, but want some additional assurance before moving forward. For both groups, we remain confident in our abilities to continue to meet the needs of our customers in a robust and prudent manner. A few comments in that regard follow.

Infrastructure reliability and uptime

TimeValue Software products handle calculations globally for a great number of customers. To deliver premium uptime for our web services/engine products, we leverage the capabilities of Amazon Web Services which has multiple, geographically diverse data-centers and engineered redundancies which has allowed us to deliver timely, uninterrupted services to our customers.

Business continuity and workforce flexibility

Our TimeValue Software team has had a number of years of successful experience using remote employee resources which, combined with the fact that we have business operations being conducted from several office locations, gives us a good degree of operational stability and resilience.

Health and safety for TimeValue Software employees

We place a great priority on the welfare of all TimeValue Software employees, customers, vendors, and visitors. We have implemented several measures to ensure the health and safety of our community, including supporting an increased level of remote working for employees, limiting non-essential domestic travel, and reinforcing health and hygiene practices by maintaining sanitation supplies and encouraging an “if you are sick, stay home” mindset.

We greatly appreciate your partnership with TimeValue Software, and we remain totally focused on continuing to support your needs to the best of our abilities.

The TimeValue Software Team