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TimeValue Software Blog

Pasting Excel into TValue 6

By Martel Pellerin

Have you ever had a detailed Excel schedule that you would like to copy into TValue? With TValue 6, pasting cells from Excel into the TValue cash flow lines is easy. The key is to have the Excel schedule in the same format as TValue. What this means is the cells on a column in Excel need to match the order of fields on a TValue cash flow line. This order is Event | Date | Amount | Number | Period | End Date | Memo. At a minimum, which is what most people need, the first column in Excel should contain the Event name, the second column should contain the Date, and the third column should contain the Amount. Then you can copy those cells from Excel, go to TValue 6, put the mouse on the first cell you want to paste, and click on the Paste icon on the left-hand side. When a Rate Change event, Loan Details, and/or Special Series is added, additional columns may be needed.

If you have check numbers or notes for the individual payment items in Excel, you can copy and paste them into TValue 6. These notes might be in column G in Excel depending on the number of columns you include. If you want to know how to layout Excel, I have two recommendations: build a schedule in TValue 6 and copy and paste it into Excel to see what information goes into what columns; you can also go to the TValue 6 Help menu, press F1, and go to Index > Excel: Pasting from Excel. There you can see various combinations of Events, Special Series, Period, etc. Once again, the key is having them in the right order in Excel so you can copy them as a block before pasting them into TValue 6.

The Cut & Paste feature could save you substantial time moving the contents of an Excel schedule into TValue 6.