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TimeValue Software Blog

Transferring TValue 5 files to TValue 6

By Martel Pellerin

You can easily transfer your TValue 5 files to TValue 6 and then open them in TValue 6.

First, go to the C: drive on your computer and find the TValue5 folder. Open the folder and sort the files by Type. The TValue 5 files will have a .tv5 extension. Next, right-click and copy your TValue 5 files. If you are copying from an old computer, you can use a thumb drive or other media to transfer the files. After your files are copied, go to your Documents > TValue 6 folder. Open the folder and paste the TValue 5 files into it.

Now, open TValue 6 and then select File > Open; you should see all of your TValue files, both .tv5 and .tv6. TValue 6 will automatically read and convert files from Version 5. You can convert a file from TValue 5 simply by opening it with TValue 6. If you save the file in TValue 6, you can save it in either a Version 6 (.tv6) or Version 5 (.tv5) format. If you save the file as a Version 6 file, the original Version 5 file (with a .tv5) is undisturbed. If you save the file as a Version 5 file but have added any non-version 5 features while in TValue 6, you will be warned of the features that will not be converted.

You can also open TValue 5 files directly from the TValue5 folder in TValue 6: go to File > Open and then navigate to the TValue5 folder and click on a .tv5 file. Then you can use the file and get the benefits of the new features in TValue 6. When you save the file, you want to save it in your TValue 6 folder. To do this go to File > Save As, and then navigate to the Documents > TValue 6 folder to save the file.