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File In Time Training and Educational Tools

By Martel Pellerin

File In Time due date tracking and task management software helps you manage all your filings and project tasks. TimeValue Software offers a wide range of training and educational tools that are highlighted below to facilitate the usage of the File In Time software.

You can find the TimeValue Software educational tools on the company website at Here, you will find a webinar for File In Time, product Training Videos, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and Blog topics.

Following are the different educational tools and a link to the respective pages.

File In Time Webinar – There is a webinar on “Mastering File In Time Software” that covers all the features and capabilities of File In Time. There is a live webinar twice per year that qualifies for CPE credit, and there is a recording of the last presentation under Archive that you can watch at your leisure.

File In Time Training Videos – There are two videos to help you: one is an Overview to get you up and running and the other is a Rollover video to help you move your tasks to the following year.

File In Time FAQs – There are numerous FAQs (frequently asked questions) that answer questions about how to use the product, features in the program, and how to do different processes within the program.

File In Time Blog – There are a couple of blog topics on specific features in File In Time.

File In Time Product & Technical Support - Contact the File In Time Support Team by phone or email to get help from experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in just about any feature you need in File In Time.

As you can see, TimeValue Software offers numerous avenues to help you maximize the benefits and capabilities of using File In Time software in your organization. If you have any questions regarding File In Time software, please give our Support Team a call at 800-426-4741 or email at