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File In Time - Due Date Tracking and Task Management Software

How do I get my tasks to show up with the correct due date after rollover?

Before rolling tasks forward, go to the Options menu and select Use Automatic Date Setting. When the rollover is performed, the new due dates will be calculated based on the information in the Service Edit window.

How do I move the File In Time program from one computer to another?

1.    Backup the current database. Go to the Tools menu and click on Backup Database. 

2.    Install File In Time software on the new computer from either the CD or from a download. 

3.    On the new computer, go to the Tools menu and select Restore from Backup.

Why does the File In Time program say I am already logged into the program when I try to log in?

1.    The File In Time software was not shut down properly and is still seeing a user session open. 

2.    Navigate to the directory (fitwin) where the File In Time software database is located and delete the file with the extension ".usr". You can now start and log in to File In Time software.

How can I archive old data so I can remove it from my current database?

1.    Print the Task View Report as a hard copy. 

2.    Backup database for future reference. Go to Tools and Backup Database. 

3.    Export the Task View to Excel and save it. Go to Tools and Display Task View in Excel.

How do I retroactively create a task for last month and then extend it to the applicable extension date in the future?

1.    Create a new task and then you can edit the due date of the task to the date of last month. 

2.    Extend the due date as you normally would to the available extension date.

Why does the program start the old version after I installed the update?

You might have installed the update to a different directory. Go to the Tools menu and choose Database information. The Program path is where the program should be installed.

You may not have permissions to copy the new program executable file within the "fitwin" directory. Consult your IT administrator for permissions.

How do I assign a task to a group of clients?

1.    Click the New Task button and select the Service. 
2.    Click the Client Groups button to select the group of clients.

Can I import my client information from my tax package?

If you can export the client information as a comma or tab delimited file, you can import it into File In Time software.

How do I install File In Time software on my server?

1.    Install the program to your network from any workstation. You must have a letter drive, e.g. T: drive. Each workstation that will access the application must be mapped to the appropriate network drive.

2.    From each workstation, run the newly created Workstationsetup.exe file located in the "fitwin" directory on the server.

When I have multiple entities under one company, how can I set them up to be related in File In Time software?

Create and assign a Client Group under the main company name. Go to File and then to Client Groups. Then click on New and create your Client Group.

How do I roll over my completed tasks?

1.    Filter all data in the Task View to show the completed tasks.
2.    Select all tasks (Ctrl+A) and then click on the Change button.
3.    Select Rollover to next due date and click the small Change button to start the rollover process.

Can I restrict some employees from making changes in the database?

You can assign different rights to each employee depending on what they are able to modify.

Can I reassign tasks to different employees as it moves through to completion?

You can reassign the key person on any task at any point in the process.

Is it hard to setup File In Time to get going?

Once you import your client information, you can setup your tasks in batches quickly and easily. You can also set up tasks on the fly with a couple clicks of your mouse.

Can I use File In Time to keep track of jobs other than tax form filing dates?

File In Time will help you keep track of all the workload in your office, from one-time jobs to weekly recurring tasks to key dates such as birthdates.

Can I import my client information from my tax or accounting software?

You are able to import client information from a standard comma or tab delimited format. Most tax and accounting software can export information into this format.