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TValue Training and Educational Tools

By Martel Pellerin

TValue amortization software is the bedrock product of TimeValue Software. TValue is a relatively simple program to use but can perform simple to very complex time value of money calculations. TimeValue Software offers a wide range of training and educational tools that are highlighted below to facilitate the usage of the TValue product line.

You can find the TimeValue Software educational tools on the company website at Here, you will find various Webinars for the TValue products, a library of TValue product Training Videos, frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the TValue products, Blog topics on specific TValue calculations and uses, and the TValue Glossary explaining the terminology that TValue uses.

Following are the different educational tools and a link to the respective pages.

TValue Webinars – There are live webinars that qualify for CPE credit and archived webinars for immediate viewing. The webinars on “Mastering Time Value of Money Calculations” for TValue 6, TValue Online, and TValue 5 cover all the features and capabilities of TValue including demonstrating multiple types of calculations. For the equipment finance industry, there are a couple of webinars on Basic and Advanced Deal Structuring for Leases. We also offer a webinar on Note Purchasing for both buying and valuing promissory and non-performing notes. For banks and credit unions, there is a webinar on Mastering Troubled Debt Restructurings to calculate the Allowance for Loan Losses (ALL) and to do the accretion calculations for TDRs.

TValue Training Videos – There are a series of training videos for each of the TValue products on different calculations and how to use different features within the programs. Each TValue product has over 50 individual videos. The videos are generally 2 to 5 minutes in length and are topic specific. The broad topics include Orientation, calculations for Loans, calculations for Leasing, Valuation Calculations, and the Special Series payment options. Many of the videos are restricted for our TValue Maintenance subscribers, and then others that say “Watch Now” and are available for anyone to view. Within the TValue Online program, you can access the videos by clicking on the Account button and then the Training Videos tab. If you are a Maintenance customer and you don’t know your User ID and Password to login and view all the videos, please contact our Support team at

TValue FAQs – There are FAQs (frequently asked questions) for each TValue product. They answer questions about how to use the product, calculations the programs can do, how to utilize and access features in the program, and compatibility and installation questions.

TValue Blog – There are numerous blog topics for a wide range of TValue calculations, calculation concepts, and regulations that are required for calculations.

TValue Glossary – The TValue glossary has an explanation of terms and concepts that are part of the TValue amortization nomenclature. The different calculation methodologies are discussed including the basics of different methods of calculating interest. There is an explanation of the various Compound Periods, and an explanation of APR and APY.

TValue Product & Technical Support - Contact the TValue Support Team by phone or email to get help from experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in just about any calculation you can create in TValue.

As you can see, TimeValue Software offers numerous avenues to help you maximize the benefits and capabilities of using TValue software in your organization. If you have any questions regarding TValue software, please give our Support Team a call at 800-426-4741 or email at