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Easily integrate the trusted TValue calculation Engine into your mobile, desktop, or web application


Versatile deployment

Wide range of target environments

  • Incorporate time value of money calculations into your application across mobile, desktop, and web environments
  • Access the full power of the TValue Engine using the .NET SDK that can be used in virtually any Windows Desktop application
  • Power your mobile and web application with the flexibility and convenience of the RESTful API web service
  • Provide solutions for lightweight cloud applications through robust desktop tools alike

Faster time to market, lower development costs, and the most accurate calculations

  • Easily integrate any time value of money calculation from simple and straightforward to specialized and complex
  • Perfect for web, client/server, desktop, and mobile application
  • Faster time to market, lower development costs, and industry standard calculations
  • Simple integration with the TValue Engine saves you valuable development resources and allows you to focus on the specific business requirements of your project
  • All the possible combinations of calculation methodologies, year lengths, odd days, and compounding periods are available in your application
  • Let the TValue Engine handle the complexity that comes with composing, testing, and verifying nuanced financial and legal calculations
  • Rely on the time tested, accurate, world class calculations of TValue software
Comprehensive calculations

Complete time value of money calculations ready to be deployed in your application

  • Any calculation that can be done with the TValue amortization software can be accomplished in your development project with the TValue Engine SDK
  • Deploy custom online mortgage loan origination systems, lease quotation and pricing programs, student loan services, and more with the TValue Engine

Easily integrate TValue calculations into your cloud or desktop based application

Determine <br> Deployment


Are you developing a web-based or Windows desktop application?

Incorporate into <br> your Code

Incorporate into
your Code

Comprehensive time value of money calculations are at your fingertips.

Calculations are Integrated into your Application

Calculations are Integrated into your Application

Your application can now do the calculations you need. Complicated calculations are accurate to the penny.

Watch a short video on the capabilities of TValue Engine


Call or email for pricing specific to your needs

For more information, please call 800-426-4741 (within USA) or 949-727-1800, email us at, or click here to have one of our customer service representatives contact you.

All TimeValue Software products come with a one year money-back guarantee, so your purchase is risk free.

Frequently asked questions

How easy is it to get started with the TValue Engine?

We provide fully functional samples of starting points to help you jumpstart your application.

How can I be sure the calculations are accurate?

TValue software is time tested. TValue software has been the industry standard for amortization since 1984 and is used in financial industries all over the world.

How flexible is the TValue Engine?

Virtually any time value of money calculation you need can be done by the TValue Engine. The TValue Engine offers simple and compound interest, 13 different compound periods, three different year lengths, and four different computation methods. Whatever you need, the TValue Engine can calculate.

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