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TCalc - Financial Calculators

Will TCalc calculators work on my website?

Yes, TCalc calculators will work on any website.

Do I need to be technical to install the calculators into my website?

No, TimeValue Software technical support team will walk anyone through the simple installation process in a matter of minutes. All you need is the ability to access your website in order to edit/add content.

Do I have to have the "Presented by TimeValue Software" at the bottom of the calculator page?

No, we can remove the "Presented by TimeValue Software" from the calculators for a small fee. However, TCalc calculators are known as one of the most accurate and reliable calculator products on the market, and many customers feel it's a benefit to be associated with the strong brand of TimeValue Software.

How does it work if I want to purchase TCalc calculators but I do not have a website?

TCalc financial calculators only run on a website. You can use them on the TimeValue Software website or purchase one of the TValue amortization software products to perform your desired calculations.

How long does it take to have TCalc financial calculators up and running on my website?

Integrating TCalc calculators on any website traditionally takes no more than 30 minutes to be up and running.