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TCalc - Financial Calculators

If I buy TCalc calculators, can I use them on more than one website?

Yes, TimeValue Software charges per website or URL address. Discounts apply for multiple URL purchases.

I like one of the bundles but I want to substitute two calculators, do I still get the bundle price?

The bundle pricing is for a predetermined, prepackaged set of calculators. If you want particular calculators that are not part of one of the bundles, you can pick and choose your own calculators using our “choose your own” option.

Is there a contract when I purchase TCalc calculators?

No, there are no contracts. We offer a one year, money back guarantee with all of our products so your purchase is risk free. TCalc is an annual subscription. After the first year, TimeValue Software bills you annually (in advance) for the next year and you can renew to continue usage or cancel. It is that easy.