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TaxInterest Products

How are the interest rates updated for the TaxInterest Engine?

All of the interest rates are automatically updated each calendar quarter by the Engine calling the TimeValue Software servers so your rates are always current.

How are the interest rates kept current with Interest Netting?

Your annual subscription for TaxInterest Netting includes quarterly interest rate updates and all program updates during your subscription. Interest rate updates are downloaded automatically each day when you open your program from TimeValue Software servers so your rates are always current.

How do I perform what-if interest netting calculations?

TaxInterest Netting allows you to enter transcript data for individual tax years independently and then select the appropriate modules to include in a netting calculation. You can then exclude modules to see instant effect on the netting calculation.

I am currently using a different application for interest netting. Will I be able to import my file information into TaxInterest Netting software?

Yes. TaxInterest Netting software will import information from a csv file format which other programs will create via export.

How easy is it to get started with the TaxInterest Engine?

We can provide you with fully functional samples of starting points to help you jumpstart your application.