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TaxInterest Products

Will the TaxInterest FIN 48 Excel Add-in work with new versions of Excel and Office 365?

The add-in functions within all the latest editions of Microsoft Excel.

Do I need any programming experience to get up and running?

All you need to do is download the TaxInterest Engine and then use the Functions within Excel. It is very simple to do. We have instructions and offer support to get you up and running.

Do I use my own worksheet?

You definitely can. As part of the TaxInterest FIN 48 package, we offer different Excel templates that you can quickly and easily incorporate to maximize your efficiency.

Does the TaxInterest FIN 48 Excel Add-in functions do foreign interest calculations?

International rates and methods that are currently provided for calculations include Canada and Canadian provinces, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Venezuela.

How are the interest rates kept updated in TaxInterest FIN 48?

Interest rates are updated automatically. Each day you open the program, the TaxInterest Engine checks and downloads the current rates from TimeValue Software servers so your interest rates are always up to date.

Are state interest calculation methods built into the program?

Many states calculate interest differently from daily compounding to annual compounding to exact days with simple interest. The calculation methodology for each state is built into the TaxInterest calculations.