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File In Time - Due Date Tracking and Task Management Software

Can I combine two File In Time databases?

No. In order to add the information from one File In Time database to an existing database, you must import the client data and reassign services to the newly imported clients.

I have an existing database. Can I import client information?

If the client list to be imported is mutually exclusive, you can import the new client information. If there are overlapping clients contained in the import file, duplicate client records will be created.

Is it hard to setup File In Time to get going?

Once you import your client information, you can setup your tasks in batches quickly and easily. You can also set up tasks on the fly with a couple clicks of your mouse.

Can I import my client information from my tax or accounting software?

You are able to import client information from a standard comma or tab delimited format. Most tax and accounting software can export information into this format.