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File In Time - Due Date Tracking and Task Management Software

How do I change the name of a field in the task view?

Click the Setup button in the task view. From within the Task View Setup dialog, click on the Names button. The Customize Task View Names window will appear where you can change the titles of the fields. You can also rename the field using the Customize Field Names option found under the Task view menu. In the network version of File In Time, only the supervisor can customize 70 Appendix field names.

After I rollover a task, what happens to the first task?

File In Time creates a new task when you choose rollover. As a result, you will have your original task and a new task. When you select the Rollover routine on the Change menu, the option to Delete old task when Rolling Over will become available.

How can I change the fields displayed in the task view?

You can change the fields included in the task view by clicking the Setup button and adding or removing fields. The list on the left displays the available fields while the list on the right indicates those fields currently included in the task view. Use the horizontal green arrow buttons to add or remove highlighted fields. You can also change the order of the columns on the task view by changing the order of the fields on the right using the vertical green arrow buttons.

How do I get my tasks to show up with the correct due date after rollover?

Before rolling tasks forward, go to the Options menu and select Use Automatic Date Setting. When the rollover is performed, the new due dates will be calculated based on the information in the Service Edit window.

How do I retroactively create a task for last month and then extend it to the applicable extension date in the future?

1.    Create a new task and then you can edit the due date of the task to the date of last month. 

2.    Extend the due date as you normally would to the available extension date.

How do I assign a task to a group of clients?

1.    Click the New Task button and select the Service. 
2.    Click the Client Groups button to select the group of clients.

How do I roll over my completed tasks?

1.    Filter all data in the Task View to show the completed tasks.
2.    Select all tasks (Ctrl+A) and then click on the Change button.
3.    Select Rollover to next due date and click the small Change button to start the rollover process.

Can I reassign tasks to different employees as it moves through to completion?

You can reassign the key person on any task at any point in the process.